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No Land B, in collaboration with Sivan Rubinstein, 2021-2023 (paper kite & silk parachute
From the original 101Outdoor Arts 'Seedbed Residency' to the touring show [photo credit: Bar Alon]

Text & Credit to Sivan Rubeinstein:

"No Land B is an environmental dance work that seeks to find common ground... Two dancers invite us to join in a hopeful loving lament to the earth - calling us home to be in our bodies and to be with the earth. Working with their bodies, the dancers transform sculptures, created by Caroline Mackenzie, into rolling landscapes, the sails of a boat, a funeral shroud. With this multitude of symbols, the dancers migrate on a journey which asks us to look to the horizon. An original soundtrack by Liran Donin layers the work with nomad-like musical textures, travelling across stark lands and open seas, bringing together the worlds of desert blues with middle eastern grooves and minimalist-like lyricism. This transformative work presents the idea that out of destruction comes life and reminds us of our vulnerability, power and the bonds that connect us in our shared Earth."

Text & Credit to Elizabeth Tomos reviewing No Land B':


"[The performance] was exquisitely beautiful and profoundly sad. The work is an ode to the climate crisis and engenders grief, longing and hope. The work opens with two dancers, a silk parachute and paper kite. A projector lights up the kite with images of a woman dancing in the desert. The show ends with one of the dancers wrapped in the silk parachute like a shroud - a haunting, powerful image. The parachute throughout the production is both restrictive, it acts as bonds, as tension, but also as tether and as hope. We cannot parachute out of here. Our only hope is to mend that which we have broken."

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