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Gulabi patanga, 2019 (film -approx. 2mins projection, white paper kite, bamboo, kite string coated in glass)

Text about 'Gulabi patanga, 2019':

A pink kite floats freely framed between two coconut trees. I was keen to highlight the magic, frivolity, yet unpredictability of the festival as it's solely reliant on the force of the winds. I was also interested in the discarded object, as the trees, streets and building were littered with coloured tissue paper and powdered glass coated kite-strings after the 2 day festival.

I projected the video onto a white kite made by the locals, which was hung and seemingly levitating in the middle of a room. The presence of the viewer walking around the white kite created subtle airwaves which would inadvertently spin the delicate kite, therefore altering the image projected onto it. The spontaneity of the pink kite in the video was therefore echoed by the white kite which held its image, making it increasingly more abstract.

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