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Hedon's 'The Creative Series' featuring Caroline Mackenzie,

14th July, 2020 

"We gravitate towards those with a similar hedonistic outlook and vice versa, the creatives series explores the stories of some of these people who are also in a relentless pursuit of pleasure.

To ride is to experience elements and forces that you cannot see. The air in the form of wind and sound, inertia from acceleration, gravity through g-forces when cornering.

These unseen forces and interest in Aeronautics passed down from her father, an Aeronautical Engineer inspired Caroline to explore these forces in sculpture.

We were lucky to get some time with Caroline and catch a glimpse of her creating some of her elemental sculptures whilst she prepared for an exhibition in Deptford.

Press from 'Kaipo Che!' exhibition, Vadodara, India published in The Times of India, 14th January 2019:

"VADODARA: You could not have missed the spectacle of colourful kites covering the skies during Uttarayan festivities every year. But have you ever seen a kite floating in mid-air without any support in the middle of a room, defying the rules of gravity? Surprised? A white kite prepared by artist Caroline Mackenzie is having many art enthusiasts, who visited a city-based art gallery, stumped.

Artcore, a United Kingdom-based gallery and a visual arts charity organised an exhibition titled 'Kaipo Che! Residency and Artists camp show' on Sunday. The exhibition is a part of the residency program where 3 artists from the UK participated along with seven artists from India"

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